SOULCALIBUR – Official SoulCalibur Twitch Channel

Taokaka Meow – SoulCalibur content creator hailing from Norway with mix of VODs, guide and tech videos

Hayate EIN – French streamer and content creator with mix of high-quality guides, patch note vids and SoulCalibur Arena tournament VODs

Party Wolf – Well known Kilik / Cassandra player from US

Xephukai – Well known Sophitia player from US

Boomington – High profile player and important persona of East Coast / USA community

Rikuto – High level Astaroth player and entertaining streamer

SoulCaliburItalia | SoulCaliburUK | SoulCaliburEspana | SoulCaliburEU – EU monthly tournaments, European Online Series streams and more

Cambosa – weekly Boominati battles, MoneyPit & more

I’m sure I forget a lot of important names. I am putting this list together from atop my head so if you feel someone else should be here too, just let me know. I will appreciate it a lot!