SoulCalibut Board Game aims to recreate the SC experience in card-based board game created for Tabletop Simulator and possibly printed-friendly in the future. Currently in testing, Kusoge is adding new characters and aims to test limits of combo system.

The idea may sound weird at 1st glance, but the ruleset sounds actually pretty fun; and if you own the Tabletop Simulator on Steam (currently costs $10 being on sale), you can try it for free.

Also, I must say I really love the idea and I am looking forward to more characters being added and eventually, once the world will recover and offline tournaments will be a thing again, to play this live with SC players on some gathering!

How the game works?

The aim of the game is to deplete your opponent’s health from the maximum of 15 down to zero, or to have more health than your opponent after fifteen turns have passed. This will win you a battle. A match is won when a player has won three battles.

Detailed rules can be found in this document.
All details (including card pictures) are stored on Google Disc.
You can disucss the game, propose rule changes, new cards… on dedicated Discord.