When Luxium announced end of new uploads at the beginning of this year, we lost one of SC most precious resources. Now Horseface is stepping in, starting new alternative for this channel.

There is a new channel for top-level SC6 replays – bit.ly/HorseYT
Your help needed – submit replays through google form on bit.ly/HorseZoe

Luxium Chanel on Youtube used to collect videos from tournaments, challenges or simply gameplay of top level players for over two years and was one of the most prominent resources for SC community. But at the beginning of 2021, the end has come.

As the time went on, the void became quite apparent. And here, Horseface stepped in and announced he is starting new alternative to Luxium – Horseface’s Zoetrope.

This is a community-run alternative. That means – in order to make it work, he needs your help. It’s not that hard, actually. Simply submit it through a google form so he can upload it to Youtube. You can also use the easy-to-remember shortcut: bit.ly/HorseZoe