With the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1 quickly approaching to us – it will start in 2 days only!! – here is the Viewers Handbook for anyone looking forward to watch the first SC6 mayor offline action in a year.

photo credit: WePlay Esports


Based on official WUFL twitter and article, this are 16 players invited to SoulCalibur 6 Season 1:

  1. Party Wolf, USA – Cassandra / Kilik
  2. Skyll, France – Mitsurugi / more
  3. D3xus, UK/Sweden – Siegfried
  4. Yoki – USA – Mina
  5. Keev, France – Nightmare
  6. Shen Chan, Singapore – Cervantes / Tira
  7. Linkorz, USA – Siegfried / Geralt / Amy / Groh / more
  8. Yutoto, Japan – Voldo / Azwel / many more
  9. Aelz, France – Tira
  10. Woahhzz, USA – Setsuka / Raphael
  11. TheKura, Korea – Kilik / more
  12. Akepo, Korea – Tira / Nightmare
  13. Bluegod, USA – Azwel / more
  14. Saiyne, USA – Ivy
  15. Myloes, UK – Kilik
  16. Pantocrator, Germany/France – Siegfried

Big congratulations to all invitees! Looking forward to see you compete!


Following schedule is in place:

Thursday April 1st: Group Stage of 8. Everyone vs everyone. TOP4 advances to Finals.
I expect +- 10 hours stream.

Friday April 2nd: Group Stage of 8. Everyone vs everyone. TOP4 advances to Finals.
I expect +- 10 hours stream.

Saturday April 3rd: Spin-off tournament. MK11 had 2v2 “pocket character” tournament that was super fun to watch. There is no reason to expect this successful format will be changed for SC6.
I expect +- 5 hours stream.

Sunday April 4th: Finals (TOP 8).
I expect +- 8 hours stream.

Streams will be starting 8PM CET / 6PM UTC / 2PM EST / 11AM PDT.


photo credit: WePlay Esports


photo credit: WePlay Esports

Stream and VODs

Twitch: twitch.tv/WePlayUFL
Twitter: @WePlayUFL (live highlights)
Instagram: WePlayUFL

Also note that the production cast is doing awesome work, uploading VODs within minutes after each match being finished. You can find them on WUFL youtube channel.