Day 3 of WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1 for SoulCalibur 6 was dedicated to 2v2 pocket character spinoff. No mains or subs allowed. A lot of fun guaranteed.

Picture credit: WePlay Esport stream


Picture credit: WePlay Esports


This was a day of chill and fun. Did we learned anything?

Indeed we did. We learned that such spinoffs may be worthless results-wise, but they are mad fun. We also learned that Inferno is not only totally broken but also looking totally sick. Who is in for Inferno-only tournament?

Also on slightly more personal note – it is hard to express my feelings when I saw Pantocrator rocking Buttonczech t-shirt during whole 2v2! Buttonczech is FG international held in Prague, Czechia, where Pantocrator won SC6 tournament last time. Me being one of the organization team, this was really awesome on a personal level.

Picture credit: WePlay Esports

Best Games

The very best game, by far, was PartyCrator vs Team Saiyne Chan, Pantocrator vs Shen Chan, where randomly selected Nightmare got Setsuka moveset icon and her mechanics indicator (the blue spark activated when he had Terror Charge). This was totally hilarious!

Picture credit: WePlay Esports stream


Event playlist for you to check all the action you missed; or to remind yourself the hype moments you witnessed:

And full Day 3 replay: