Okubo-san, the face (and for many of us, also the soul) of SoulCalibur 6, is leaving Bandain Namco effectively by end of this day.

Motohiro Okubo was a producer of two mainstay 3D fighters of this time. This was Tekken 7 and – most importantly to us – also SoulCalibur 6 (which he co-produced with Michinori Ozawa).

He was also the face of Project Soul last few years, taking care of most of of the official and community communication.

For the SCPortal, I will like to thank him for keeping our souls burn, for tending the game we love with special care, and for supporting the community immensely. I hope for the best of him in his new career, which will be connected with a ‘game company located in Shubuya’.