Ever wondered why so many SC veterans hates upon SC5 no matter it “wasn’t THAT bad” or even “was quite good of a game”? Well if you do, you may find your answers in Matt McMuscles latest “What Happened” video.

While SC5 by itself was quite a good game to play, it did a lot of damage to the franchise. Actually, it almost killed it and we got our current iteration of SC6 mainly thanks to a huge effort coming from the community and developers.

But how this happened?

Well, besides many of the bad decisions listed in the video (like “reneving” the cast by replacing old fan favorites with their exact clones that were exactly like them except not being them), it was also the rushed release (the game was developed in slightly over 1 year!) and significant personal cuts (in favorite of Tekken Tag 2).

If you are interested in knowing more about “what and why”, you definitely should watch the video!