Texas Showdown was another US mayor tournament that featured very solid SC6 representation. Out of over 40 attendees, it was Xephukai, Boom, and FatherRamon who took the top 3 places. And now they are here, answering a few questions!

None of you have to introduce yourself, so let’s do it slightly differently this time. If you will have to introduce the other 2 TOP3 players to SC community in 1 sentence, what will you say?

Xephukai: Ramon is a world class player. Very experienced, seasoned veteran in terms of skill and longevity. Was regarded as the best of his character, Sophitia, at one time and still considered an expert many installments later. Phenomenal individual and incredibly talented.
Boom is an example of intelligence and realism. The guys a blossoming legend in his own respects, and has an intense fight IQ when it comes to fighting games. He’s the type of player that no matter who his opponent is, you legitimately can’t count him out. Too many upsets has this man done that you can’t call it an upset at this point. I have a lot of respect and love for this guy, and I would vote Boom community president if that ever existed.

Boom: Xeph is probably the best player in the world atm
Ramon is probably the most consistent content creator for SC6 atm.
Both are the homies for life no cap!

FatherRamon: Boom and Xeph hardly needs an introduction. Boom is the king of SC content and streams! Great friend, fierce competitor, all around amazing person. Xeph is my little brother. One of the greatest friends a guy could ask for! Both of them are such great people.

How was Texas Shodown 2022 for you as a competitor?

Xephukai: Texas Showdown 2022 was an experience for sure. Personally, I enjoyed the tournament being held completely in one day. Times for great for enough rest before tournament and also traditional festivities before and after the tournament. Tournament itself ran at a timely manner, and ran smoothly. I saw some good matches, and was fairly impressed with some individuals. Either causing upsets or competing through injuries (arc graves).
All in all, winning feels great. I think that I didn’t play bad, but I also didn’t play my full potential if I were to judge myself. I am comfortable with knowing where my faults are at, and think that I can improve easily as long as I put in the work towards that.

Boom: I forgot how it felt to feel all the different emotions that go through when playing offline. It definitely lit a spark in me when it comes to playing consistently again. Hearing SC blasting through the speakers is a very unforgettable feeling! Plus just meeting everyone and having a good time is so sick. Definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to playing offline again!

FatherRamon: It was fantastic! They made me feel very safe and secure. They required proof of Vaccinations (not just a photo of it), and if you were not vaxxed up then they had a PCR test in order for you to be able to walk in! Mask were a must.

How confident you were prior to the tournament that you will reach top3?

Xephukai: I was incredibly confident I’d make top 3. I know and played a lot of the competitors before, and I treated this as any upcoming tournament. Practice, and note/map my tournament route and possible match ups.

Boom: I’m never confident when i play, so needless to say I wasn’t confident in making top 3. Especially since I don’t have a lot of tournament experience with Hwang. It ended up working out, even though I looked super rusty.

FatherRamon: Not that confident. But I went to see my friends and enjoy some Calibur like I always do! I was happy with my performance overall

If you will have to highlight one single play you made during the tournament, what it will be and why?

Xephukai: If I were to highlight my own play, I’d choose my match up VS Carbon. Only because in the end, i thought it was a bit funny that I had to refuse the premature daps for a GGs from him because of how ambiguous Xianghua’s CE can be depending on the scaling.
You can check the situation on this timestamp: twitch.tv/videos/1463965763?t=01h50m13s

Boom: I’d just say my whole losers run was my highlight. Re-learning how to fight emotions again, as well as realizing that I still am able to find out ways to win was super reassuring to me. My matches always look so ugly, but more often than not, I somehow always come out on top.

FatherRamon: Vs. Xeph I 66A’d like 5 times in a row knowing he was gonna be stubborn and step. The only person in the room that knew how much we were in eachothers heads was Boom because after that sequence I heard an audible laugh from just him.

Any closing words or messages to anyone?

Xephukai: In closing, just a general thank you to Javi (The primary TO of the event itself). He’s a good dude, and coincidentally has done quite a few good things for Calibur behind the scenes. When I lived in Houston, TX he treated me like a friend and made efforts to learning about the competitive community. I saw the whole Houston FGC leaders and key players in full force. Also to my homies GreatOne, Twice a day, KuroKami and Shrimp for being my true besties in Houston. Shoutouts to all the players who attended, thank you for everything, and making the experience what it was.

Boom: If you haven’t been out to an offline event, you are missing out! I met so many new folks who i only knew online, and they ended up being extremely cool people! It is such a good experience inside and outside the game!

FatherRamon: The SoulCalibur Community is something very special! Keep playing. Go to majors. Hang out and talk to everyone!

BONUS (no thinking, just shoot): Your most favourite song and why it is so amazing to you?

Xephukai: Travis Scott – Impossible
Since I first heard this song it’s been my favorite. Talent-wise, I think Travis Scott is a pioneer. The song itself has an insane energy, ambiguously relatable, and the different sounds and genre fusing in the song itself is choice.

Boom: Such a hard question, but probably I’d have to go with J. Dilla – Two can win.. Song has gotten me through so much, it has a special place in my life.

FatherRamon: EASY! Right now I have all of Doja Cat’s Planet Her in my headphones. That album slaps! ALL ON MY TONGUE I WANT IT!