Some time ago, I run a poll asking people if they will make use of forums here on SCPortal – and from the results, it looks like a substantial amount of people think they will enjoy such a feature. So – here it is!

To be honest, I was against the idea of forums for quite a long time. In times of Discords and streams, they felt like kinda outdated feature to me. But for some reason, from time to time someone always asked why they are not here. So I started thinking – maybe I’m wrong?

So, I ran the pool:

And while 57% of people were on the side of “I will not use this”, 43% is still quite a high number. So I decided to give forums a try.

Overall, I don’t expect those to be much active minimally until SC7 announcement, but it will be for the best to have them tested and ready for such a moment. So, HERE they are (also accessible through the top menu).

For time being, please feel free to use them and let me know any suggestions for any kind of improvement – being it arrangement, functions, roles… Literary anything you will think about. Also, I will be looking for moderators to keep an eye on the content.

But for now – feel the power of reason!