There is one person in Europe who is often considered to be the “template” player for his main – Siegfried. There is a lot more I can write about him but better if you read it from his own keyboard. As you most probably recognized already, our guest today is none other than Pantocrator!

Twitter: @PantocratorFR
Twitch: PantocratorFR
Youtube: @siegy08
Birth Year: born in the 80s!
Country: France/Germany

If you had to introduce yourself in three sentences to some SoulCalibur player who didn’t know you, what would you say?

French living in Germany, I love fighting games and more particularly Soulcalibur on which I compete since 2009.
Many consider me as a reference on the Siegfried character, I probably inspired many players.
Socially I’m always the first one available to go down a few drinks and have fun after a tournament.

What is the origin or meaning of your nickname?

This is an old story. When I was still in school (16-17 years old) I used to go and play Counter-Strike in a Cybercafé with some classmates. At that time, I had another nickname, but sometimes we changed it just for fun. That day we had a history class, it was about the Byzantines (a part of history I like) and the Pantocrator Christ (which means “almighty” in Greek). My classmates and I found the iconic representations funny but also mystical. That day, after class, we went to the cybercafé as usual and I was in great shape, I dominated everyone present that day. Just for fun, at one point I changed my nickname to “Pantocrator”. All my friends laughed. Since then, it became a common gag, when I had to come back in a game or when we lost too much, my friends asked me to switch my nickname to “Pantocrator” to unlock the almighty. A few years later, when I signed up for my first Soulcalibur tournament, I didn’t know what nickname to use. My buddies all told me unanimously to register as Pantocrator, that I would definitely win! Since then, I kept it!

I like to think about this story every time someone asks me the origin or the meaning of my nickname, however I very rarely tell this story….

How did it happen that you ended up playing fighting games?

No idea why, I always had fun as kid with fighting games and tried a lot of them. I never stopped playing it. Seems that confrontation and versus were always in my blood.

Who do you main in SC6 and why?

I discovered soulcalibur with soulcalibur II. I tested a lot of characters, Nightmare was the one I had the most fun with. Then while playing soulblade and soulcalibur, I became a fan of Siegfried and his story. I’m also a fan of Germanic mythology, the name of the character must have played a role too (lol). In terms of gameplay, the character shines when you make the right choices and exerts a lot of psychological pressure, which I find very enjoyable.

What do you consider to be your greatest SC6 achievement and why?

Hard to answer, I am satisfied with my overall performance on SCVI. I won some tournaments, made podiums and almost always made top 8 (otherwise I was 9th!). But it’s hard to pick the best one! Maybe just to have been invited to participate in the WUFL cause it does summarize it.

If you will be able to add one more character to SC6 – either an existing SC character or a guest one – who will you pick and why?

Rock! Siegfried was my favorite character when I was a teenager, Rock became my favorite one when I became an adult. His barbarian style is unique and so cool! The character lacks popularity because he was always weak. I was really hoping to see him in SCVI, especially when you see the great work that was done with characters that made a comeback (Mina, Talim, Zas, Hwang), I was expecting the same thing for Rock. A reworked movelist, unique gameplay and new mechanic! I was hoping for his return with all my heart since the announcement of SCVI, sadly it never happened…. This would be my first wish for SC7.

If SC7 will be released, what do you wish to be changed and/or kept from the current game?

Rock! Otherwise, they should reduce the native input lag (biggest issue in the game IMO) and also remove the RE (boring).

Please answer a single question that you were not asked but you would like to answer!

Do I feel old?
Yes lol, it is harder and harder to continue to compete against all of this new talented Youngbloods. Especially when they tell me that they used to watch me as kid, just after kicking my ass!
Do I feel weak?
Not yet!

BONUS: Germany or France? I have to ask as you seem to represent both these countries equally!

That is a very legitimate question. Everyone is wondering. TOs are lost every time with the flag for the stream, it became a mystery with the time. At almost every tournament people are debating in the chat to get an answer. But for most of people who know me, the answer is clear.

To answer this question: yes, absolutely!

Thank you for the interview!