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I've modded a couple lightsabers for use by characters (Xianghua, Talim, Raph), Pictures & download links below.
They're all colourable, you adjust the colour the way you would any weapon in the CaS options.
To install, drop the files in your Soul Calibur installation folder, the filepath should look something like below, create a "mods" if it doesn't already exist.


Classic Colour Codes
Blue - 2, 40, 8
Green - 2, 19, 8
Red - 2, 1, 8
Purple - 2, 48, 8
Yellow - 2, 7, 8

Xianghua (Replaces Makhaira Weapon)

Talim (Replaces Megalodon Weapon Set)

Raphael (Replaces Cup Hilt or Holy Antler Weapon, can't remember which)
NO PICTURE, watch a Ssylus clip instead. 

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Will you do it also also fro Darth Ma... I mean, for Groh? He may potentially look damn cool with this mod

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SpectatorSly has actually done a Xianghua & Groh lightsaber (it's what I'd based my own blade materials on in UE).
The Groh one you can colour both blades individually as well I believe.

Both are available for download via Vodkalibur.

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