System Mechanics

AC – Air Control
Ability to control the movement of your character during opponent air combos. Many of these combos can be avoided by holding directional inputs and moving your character to a specific side or away from the opponent.

aGI – Auto Guard Impact
The special ability of certain moves which automatically performs GI during their execution. Unlike standard GI, aGI usually works only against a specific type of attack.

AT – Attack Throw
Special attack property that means that upon landing (usually as CH), special throw-like animation will be played. This also leads to increased damage.

BA – Break Attack
Attacks that deal significant damage to opponents Guard stamina. These arracks are also immune to GI and RE mechanics. Such attacks have blue lighting effects.

CE – Critical Edge
A metered super, costing one stock of Soul Gauge. It is executed by pressing A+B+K.

CH – Counter Hit
Describes a situation when your attack lands upon opponent who is currently performing some action (usually an attack on his own). Always have more damage then normal hit and some moves have special effects or different results when landing as CH.

GC – Guard Crash
breaking opponents’ guard after depleting their Guard stamina.

GI – Guard Impact
A defensive option that parries incoming attacks for a short period of time. Does not work against BA and UB attacks. It is performed by pressing 6G.

LH – Lethal Hit
A powered-up version of certain attacks that’s performed automatically upon meeting certain criteria that are unique for each move. For more details, refer to your character movelist.

LNC – Launch
Attack property that launches opponent high into the air and leads to a combo.

NC – Natural Combo
Series of hits that are guaranteed to land if 1st attacks connect.

NCC – Natural Counter combo
Series of hits that are guaranteed to land if 1st attacks connect as CH.

RE – Reversal Edge
A defensive option that parries incoming attack or attacks and leads into a guessing game upon hit. It is performed by pressing 4B+K.

RI – Resist Impact
Metered version of GI costing half a stock of Soul Gauge. Is capable of parrying any attack, including BA and UB. It is performed by pressing 6B+G.

SA – Soul Attack
Alternative option how to enter SC state, but through attack over back-pushing energy burst. It costs one stock of Soul Gauge and is performed as 236A+B+K.

SC – Soul Charge
Temporary power-up state that cost one stock of Soul Gauge to enter. SC activation refers to burst activation of this state that pushes the opponent away from your character. This activation is performed by 4A+B+K.

UB – Unblockable
These attacks can not be blocked by any means. The only option how to defend against these is to make them whiff or to defect them by RI. Such attacks have orange flame effects.

Character States

BT – Back Turned
State when character is facing away from the opponent and is turned with his back towards him.

FC – Fully Crouched
Refers to a state where the character is crouching.

KND – Knockdown
When character is on the ground. KND greatly reduces option of character, usually allowing to roll on ground or to stand up as only options.

RO – Ring Out
A situation where the character is pushed out of the ring. If this happened, Ring Outed character automatically lose the match regardless any other mean.

STC – Super Tech Crouch
Special, better version of TC. Besides all high attacks, characters in STC are also invulnerable to all Mid horizontal attacks.

TC – Tech Crouch
State where the character is considered to be crouching. This makes him invulnerable to all high attacks. Some moves may lead to specific effect when landing upon crouching opponent.

TJ – Tech Jump
State where the character is considered to be airborne. This makes him invulnerable to all low attacks and all opponents’ hits will cause different results than when landing upon a grounded character.

W! (or !W) – Wall Splat
Describes a mement when character hits the stage wall. This leads to specific effect that allows greatly extend your combos!

WR – While Rising
This abbreviation is used for certain moves that can be executed only if your character was crouching and is currently leaving this state back to standing.