Great range allows Hwang to control lots of space, and his talismans and power-up auras allow him to vary his offense and options. His magical ability also adds to the difficulty by giving him resources to manage.

Hwang’s flashy magic makes him one of the more complex characters to play mechanic-wise, but this also makes him very versatile with unique tools and strengths for many situations. He has some great range on normal pokes but really opens up his offense from special talisman moves/stances and a multitude of lethal hits based on various aura and talisman states. With all these tools he has an answer for most situations, so long as he has the right read on his opponents. His frames up close aren’t particularly good so he has to rely on these reads to get space, and against the longer range characters he also has to spend talismans to contest further out. 


  1. lots of range, combo, and resource benefits from talismans and auras
  2. strong range overall
  3. huge offense potential in round 5 when he can use talismans with no negative outcome


  1. lots of extra decision-making to manage resources
  2. potential health/meter penalty for using talismans
  3. weak frames and punishment on fast attacks

Unique mechanic:
Hwang has a talisman count noted on-screen, ranging from -9 to 9. Certain attacks have a talisman cost. He gains unique lethal hits based on the talisman count, but also loses health in the next round when going negative. 
He can also power up with four different auras. Might (blue) grants benefits around guard stamina, Devastation (red) grants meter benefits including punishing enemy Soul Charge, Resolve (green) grants health for certain attacks, and Iron Will (gold) is only usable out of Soul Charge but grants counter hit properties to the next attack.

Original text courtesy of: uwucos