Crazy amounts of jump and crush options including evasive RE and CE cancels. Short range and vulnerability to GI can make it difficult for her to establish offense.

As is fitting of the young wind priestess, Talim jumps and moves around a lot to put the enemy in a constant attack blender. She can cancel both her CE and RE into her three main stances, allowing her to create mix-ups out of unique situations. She also features many multi-hitting strings and attacks that transition into her stances, lending to her barrage of fast, short-range attacks. Ideally she gets in and does not let her opponent get a word in, crushing punishes with stance transitions or counter-hitting them with frame traps. She struggles in getting into her ideal range safely, and can also suffer against opponents who correctly respond to stance transitions and limit her mix-up game.


  1. stance transitions excellent at beating enemy punishes and attacks
  2. strong evasion with tech crouch and step
  3. strong counter-hit potential


  1. limited range and approach moves
  2. many attacks are prone to GI (and trigger a level 3 GI)
  3. poor block and whiff punishment

Unique mechanic:
Talim is the only character that cancel out of her Critical Edge: on hit the animation starts immediately, but on block there are three hits, and the third cancels into stance. She can also cancel out of her Reversal Edge parry into stances.

Original text courtesy of: uwucos