Plenty of fast attacks including an i12 CE, i10 AA, low throws, and powerful safe launchers to keep the enemy guessing. She suffers from low damage and limited range.

The playful and constantly kidding Xianghua has some fantastic tools that give her a very well-rounded kit with plenty of tricky strings, safe launchers, evasive stances, and powerful aGIs that allow her to dance all over her opponents. An i10 AA and i12 CE cements her excellent poke and punishment ability and the ability to low throw also adds an extra element to her offense. She can trade pokes at her ideal range with most of the cast, and her options are plentiful enough that she can crack through a great defense and keep pressure with great oki. She suffers from generally short range and noticeably low damage, forcing her to work her way in and keep the enemy guessing with her various transitions and strings.


  1. fast attacks and movement
  2. denies enemy attacks with aGIs and stancesย 
  3. i10 AA and i12 CE allow for fantastic punishment


  1. low damage
  2. short range
  3. weak Soul Charge

Unique mechanic:ย 

Original text courtesy of: uwucos