New video from SMRT F.O.N. shortly presents each of currently existing characters (as of v2.31 / Hwang), acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses as well as overall difficulty; and pointing out interesting tidbits about their gameplay in a way that is meant to help you with picking who to play.

For seasoned SC6 veterans, there won’t be many new information to learn from this video. But for new players looking for character to pick – or for someone undecided who to sub next – following video will be valuable source of information.

So, if you are looking for a new character, don’t look anymore and watch this video from SMRT|Force of Nature!

If you’re interested in specific character, here are the timestamps:
0:24​ 2B
0:58​ Amy
1:48​ Astaroth
2:13​ Azwel
2:43​ Cassandra
3:14​ Cervantes
3:33​ Geralt
4:00​ Groh
4:18​ Haohmaru
5:01​ Hilde
5:33​ Hwang
6:15​ Inferno
6:18​ Ivy
6:34​ Kilik
6:50​ Maxi
7:08​ Mitsurugi
7:28​ Nightmare
7:52​ Raphael
8:19​ Seong Mi-na
8:34​ Setsuka
9:19​ Seigfried
9:50​ Sophitia
10:22​ Taki
10:52​ Talim
11:25​ Tira
11:58​ Voldo
12:31​ Xianghua
12:57​ Yoshimitsu
13:41​ Zasalamel