The main goal of SOULCALIBUR PORTAL is to keep people attracted to the game. This is achieved mainly through our own, exclusive content like interviews, articles about game meta, or our tournament coverage.

The 2nd target I will like to achieve is to have all important SOULCALIBUR things like guides, tech, frame data… in one place. In place you can easily navigate through to whatever you need.

And while at it, it only makes sense to add even other resources, that are connected with the game: Official and Fan Art… and even tournaments. Those are to be covered by AppleBoom and her SC Event Calendar.

If you wish to help me with these goals, you can. It is actually quite easy and there are several ways how to do it without spending too much time at it:

  1. When you post something interesting – or when you find someone else post – on Twitter, tag @CaliburPortal so I can find it and link from this web
  2. If you feel like joining the crew and start writing articles for SCPortal, being it news, guides, interviews, meta talk… or anything Calibur-related, let me know! Even if you have a single article, just hit me up – any content is appreciated!
  3. When announcing a tournament or event on Twitter, tag @AppleBoom so she can add it to SC Event Calendar
  4. Use the SUBMIT CONTENT button in the right column of the SCPortal webpage to share anything you believe should be posted
  5. Join SCPortal Discord and share links for interesting posts, videos, tournaments, or other resources there
  6. Follow @CaliburPortal on Twitter
  7. Spread the word about SOULCALIBUR PORTAL webpage
  8. If you are interested in supporting the costs associated with hosting and maintenance of this site, use the Buy a Coffee donation page.
  9. If you have any feedback, ideas, proposals… share them with me!

And last but not least – play the game and enjoy yourself!