Notations and abbreviations

Basic SC notations
List of move notations commonly used in SC series.

Basic SC abbreviations
List of most used abbreviations in SC games.

SC6 introduction

Game Introduction
Basic mechanics explained and beginners guides

Starting with SC6 
Game introduction youtube series from KingJane (featuring Party Wolf)

New To SC6 (for other FGs players)
How to pick up SC6 if you are new to the series but you already know other fighting games

From Beginner to Veteran 
Comprehensive series guiding you through the game mechanics

Ultimate Beginners Guide to SoulCalibur 6
Father Ramon and Boom guide series making the way from Basics (which we will go through more thoroughly) to more Advanced stuff.

Kamizono’s Beginners Guide
Introduction guides from Japanese pro-player PGW|Kamizono, with English subtitles.

Core Mechanics

Movement explained

Base Resource Mechanics Overview 
SCPortal own article explaining core resources you work with in SC6 (coming from Zedd)

Defensive mechanics
Core defense mechanics – Guard Impacts & Reversal Edges – guides and explanations

Basic Character Overviews

Character Strength and Type Overview 
very useful character breakdowns for newcomers

Character mini-breakdown
Which character is for you? (for v2.31 – Hwang patch)