Why a Calendar?

It was basically impossible to keep track of all the action that was (and is) going on. And I was not alone. Many events were falling under the radar of players who will love to attend or to watch. This was not a new issue, but because of covid-19 and all those long-lasting lock-downs, it becomes much more imminent and troublesome.

Luckily for us, TheAppleBoom took care of this. Thanks to her effort, we have an ever-expanding Google calendar of SC eventsI am very grateful for this, as it is not an easy task to keep it up to date!

This calendar is integrated into SCPortal in two forms – as Event Calendar and as List of Upcoming Events. Both are completely the same content-wise as they are but different views of the same source.

To Cherish What We Have

Now we have the calendar – and AppleBoom updating it – we should also make use of it. We should use it, keep it up to date, and spread the word.

To check the calendar, you can use simple (and easy to remember) links:

  1. bit.ly/SCPcalendar or cutt.ly/SCevents
  2. bit.ly/SCPEventList

To update the calendar, you can:

  1. Use the Submit Event form here on SCPortal
  2. In the Twitter announcement, tag @TheAppleBoom so she can add it
  3. Create an event in Google Calendar and invite eventsofthesoul@gmail.com
  4. Join SCPortal Discord and share tips for upcoming events there

To spread the word, keep sharing the calendar links once in a while. You can mention them on your streams or in your tweets; you can share the simple link above. It is minimal effort that can benefit us all.

Thank you, AppleBoom, for managing this SC Calendar.

And thank you all for that you keep playing SoulCalibur!