This is big, people. I mean, this is actually BIG. Because thanks to the immense effort of the most awesome Fotten (aka HorseFace), SCUFFLE is working again!

I mean, after the last v2.31D (aka Denuvo-removing) patch, the memory pointers that are in the absolute core of whole program functionality were changed – for the first time since SC6 release. And to manually find them all, one by one, and put them back into the SCUFFLE core… The sheer amount of work would be insane. Actually as insane that everyone just gave up.

Well, everyone except Fotten who managed to find a workaround inside of SCUFFLE itself, and through it, he managed to make the whole thing work again!

You can download the SCUFFLE on Horseface’s GitHub page:

PS: I hope you all know Fotten is the man behind Horseface’s Zoetrope channel on youtube and that you all are following it and watching the videos he is posting every day.

And when at it, give this man a follow on Twitter as he definitely deserves it!