Our today’s guest isn’t hard to introduce. All I have to say is – he loves to mash CE at -8 and he is the king of aGIs. Oh and he’s also… The Baguetter! Yes, we are having Lyonide!

Twitter: Lyonide
Birth Year: 1988
Country: England

If you had to introduce yourself in three sentences to some SoulCalibur player who didn’t know you, what would you say?

I play what should be a super safe character high risk, high reward because it’s fun. I have a love of lightsabers and I’m fueled by tech-crouching mids.

What is the origin or meaning of your nickname?

It’s my surname Lyon, mixed with Cyanide, because I tried to think of the most toxic thing possible and came up with my surname, and chemicals are cool.

How did it happen that you ended up playing fighting games?

I’ve been playing fighting games since Street Fighter 2 on the SNES, but I am, and always have been absolutely awful at 2D fighters. Soul Calibur with its 8-way run system completely I clicked with though, and since playing it for the first time I’ve spent far too many days at a house with friends just playing Calibur all day long, especially SC 2. SC 6 though is the first I’ve joined things like tournaments for, which is almost as competitive. That last slice of pizza is absolutely worth more than medals.

Who do you main in SC6 and why?

I main Xianghua and always have, mostly because she’s kind of a troll, but also because she gives me the freedom to use whatever playstyle I feel like, whether it’s going for big reads and getting AGI’s or being sweaty and throwing lows out until my opponent wishes to throttle me.

What is your opinion regarding SC6?

I honestly think the gameplay is better than it’s ever been in the series, it has issues, but I’d still hold it as the most enjoyable fighting game out there by a wide margin.

If you could change one single thing about SC6 what would that be?

Other than technical issues like verizontals? I’d probably bring back the weapon demonstrations from the previous games, I really liked them and I’d love to see Groh swing his sword around like he’s Darth Maul.

What do you consider to be your greatest SC6 achievement and why?

Either getting 5th in my first ever major at Battle of Destiny, or beating Aelz in pools at Kayane Session for my first game, then going 3-1 and getting knocked out of pools then watching him win the tournament, to hell with pools! You’ve gotta take the good with the bad though.

Please answer a single question that you were not asked but you would like to answer!

I CE at -8 because I can, and because most people think they can get away with longer moves just because they’re plus. I enforce correct frame usage by others by ignoring it myself I guess?

Thank you for the interview!