Kayane Sessions are one of the most unique FG events in Europe, and she is often hosting SoulCalibur, too. Last week, out of 53 attendants it was Rosa, Ganondeurf, and Raziel who made it to top3. And here is an interview with them!

Hello, can you briefly introduce yourself ans a SC competitor?

Rosa: Hello, I’m Rosa, a French SC player. I’ve played Sophitia and Xianghua since SC 1, and competitively since the end of SC 4. I got somehow the nickname Baguette Queen thanks to Valhanya. Sophie makes bread so she hits with her bread. Baguette means bread in French. Now, I just go along with it!

Ganondeurf: I started the SC competition with SC6. The game was out at a time when I was trying to find a new FG to compete in. I’m always trying do move a lot for competition. That helps me improving, meeting people and, sometimes, also travel.

Raziel: My name is Raziel, fan of the license since soulblade/souledge, I started playing competitively from Soulcalibur IV. I’ve been playing Voldo almost since my debut, he’s a character I’ve always liked because of his playstyle and his substantial command list. He is a very interesting character to play in match and in training mode because of his richness of gameplay.

I heard Kayane sessions are very special. How was the experience for you?

Rosa: Kayane Sessions always gathers players who wish to find the offline environment experience, opportunities to compete with the strongest competitors, to learn from them. The local is comfortable, there is no entry fee and cash prize for the winner. Kayane is also famous so it helps a lot showcasing Soul Calibur 6.
Kayane Sessions were valuable opportunities for me to practice, to play, to feel the energy of a community and the hype, only offline environment can ever bring.

Ganondeurf: Kayane sessions are always fun. There’s no entrance fee, there’re lots of setups to do casuals with the other players and Kayane always ensures to have prize for the top 3.

Raziel: The Kayane sessions have become an essential meeting of the French FGC. We are very lucky to have this kind of event in France, the tournament is free, the organization is very good. It is also a tournament that allows more casual players to meet competitive players and there is always a lot of vibes during these competitions. This is the event that I would recommend to any player who would like to start competitions in France.

How confident you were prior to the tournament that you will reach top3?

Rosa: I didn’t feel confident about the tournament, nor did I feel worried. I first wanted to only enjoy the game, but I kind of awakened the ability to balance ambition to win and the pleasure to play, thus being in an incredible self-control and keeping focus on my fights. Each Fight could end my tournament so It was a mental battle.

Ganondeurf: My plan was to go to top 8 and be eliminated before meeting Noobicyde and Rosa. Turns out I managed to get 2nd and failed to meet one of my goals. So no, I didn’t expect to land in top 3.

Raziel: I always start from the principle that “nothing is won in advance”. I play each match as it goes, of course I always aim for the final victory. During this Kayane session there were almost all the top French people registered (even if some couldn’t come at the end), so already reaching the top8 would be a good challenge, especially since in my bracket I had Sams and Noobicyde who are fearsome opponents.

If you will have to highlight one single play you made during the tournament, what it will be and why?

Rosa: I apologize, I don’t think I can highlight only one single play. I had to surpass myself in each top 8 Losers fights. Each fight was incredibly intense and worthy of being reviewed again and again. Now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps my best play was to stay cool, sharp and bold at the same time, to throw off my opponents’ expectations of me.

Ganondeurf: Making the camera crazy by stepping Voldo’s SC 66BB. Because I holded the same direction the whole moment and the camera not only made me change my direction but also made me going through Voldo’s vertical attacks.

Raziel: It is without hesitation the end of my match against noobicyde. I have never beaten him in official competition. He is a player that I love to face because he is very smart. There are a lot of mind games in our games and that’s why I like to play fighting games.

Any closing words or messages to anyone?

Rosa: I’ve learned so much about myself with Soul calibur, SC6 is the first game I have ever trained so hard. I’m happy to finally prove to myself that hard work always pays off and we need to keep trying. Always. I try to learn to humbly accept defeats as new ways of improving myself as a person, as a “competitor”. (I still can’t consider myself a competitor, but rather a challenger). People praises my Sophie gameplay and I’m grateful. I didn’t expect so much compliments.

Ganondeurf: Thanks to everyone helping me train this game, for supporting me during events or even going with me ! I’ll put those words here for the SC community: may your soul burn like the countless lights in the starry sky.

Raziel: I would first like to thank Kayane for organizing this tournament. If she hadn’t organized these events (offline and online) I think the game wouldn’t have been played in France since a long time. Then I would like to congratulate Rosa for her first place, Ganon who trust another top3. Finally I would like to thank all the people who continue to encourage me. I hope the next tournament will be the good one!

BONUS (no thinking, just shoot): What is your most favourite book and why?

Rosa: My favorite book is Gunnm (note: western audience may know it more under the name of Battle Angel Alita). Gally (Alita) and Desty nova are the craziest characters but the greatest in my heart!

Ganondeurf: I don’t read books. The first one coming to my mind right now is Farhenheit 451.

Raziel: Hum …. The Silmarillion, the lore that Tolkien created is fascinating.