No, I’m not throwing this site into the garbage of internet history. You will not get rid of me so easily, at least not yet. But there will be some changes incoming, and here is what I plan.


Introduction Series bi-weekly, State of Calibur and Tournament interviews more or less unchanged; looking for ideas and/or writers besides me to have more content.

Introduction Series

You probably know the Introduction Series interviews that were thrown at you on a weekly basis (or so) for the past one and half years. Overall, we have 68 interviews in the main “series” only; and something like 20 in various variations and spin-offs. It also rotates 4 “main” SC regions (Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia) as consistently as I can manage.

The series itself is something I really like and I definitely plan to keep it up, but in the future, the articles will be done on a bi-weekly basis. I also plan to revisit and update the questions; if you have any tips or ideas, please feel free to let me know, any input is appreciated! The same goes for people to be “introduced” – I am sure I forget about many names I should definitely cover… plus to be honest, I run out of names in the Asia region (where it is necessary for a given person to be able to read/write in English). Again, any tips are highly appreciated!

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State of Calibur

This irregular series, where top players answer questions regarding individual aspects of the game, is something I really like and I definitely plan to return with this one as well.

So far, there are 6 articles in the main series and 3 spinoffs – State of Hwang, State of Haohmaru, and State of Korea (aka TheKura’s unique tierlist). I have 3 more planned so far; but then I am out of ideas, at least for time being. Again, I will really appreciate any tips or ideas, so if you have any, feel free to hit me up!

Tournament Top3 Interviews

I plan to continue with this one too, but I feel there are 2 obstacles I need to deal with:

1st, often the names repeat. It is hard to ask the same person for the 12th time how he feels about his Top3 placement, and I can imagine it is even harder to answer for the 12th time 😉

2nd, it is not possible to cover all tournaments and it often feels unfair which one(s) I pick to cover and which to ignore.

None of these have a simple solution, and also, please consider that while from the outside this series probably looks similar to both previously mentioned in fact, it takes significantly more time to prepare and release each interview. For this reason, I will really not be able to cover all tournaments and I will really like to ask you for forgiveness here. I will do my best to cover the main ones at least.

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SC content promotion

In the past, we had similar “Someone Introduces” articles where people talked about their SC-related projects – like ELF Online Series, or Deus EX Caleo. I really like the idea, but again, this takes a lot of time to prepare.

So please: If you have any SC content – be it a tournament, interesting videos, board game, anything… – feel free to hit me up and I will happily promote it on SCPortal. Ideally, if you will be able to prepare the text (TXT file or GoogleDOC is perfectly fine!), it will help me a lot. If not, we will figure out anything surely!

Other Content

I have several ideas for short(ish) series of articles in mind but have to get time and stamina to actually start working upon those. But – you can start your own series, or write your own article, too!

A perfect example of this was ETL Interviews Series done by Valhanya we published last year; but literary anything can be turned into an article, too. Just a few examples of things that should be a perfect fit are SC lore; SC community history; tournament coverage (like what we had for WUFL last year); incoming Community balance patch; or really anything. Again – if you will provide me with the content in any reasonable format from TXT to GoogleDOC, I will happily publish it for you on SCPortal!

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Closing Words

I somehow plan to keep up SCPortal in the above-described fashion (hopefully, with the help of some other people, too) until SC7 will get announced. And then, I hope, the fun with the SCPortal content will truly begin!