You may know him as SC tournament organizer. You may know him as streamer. You may know him as player and competitor… And now you can know Cambosa also through the longest Introduction Series interview ever!

Twitter: @Cambosa1
Twitch: Cambosa
Youtube: Cambosa
@Cambosa on Hive (in case Twitter dies)
Link to Madhouse Rumble discord server:
Birth Year: 1996
Country: “USA. USA. USA. USA. USA.”

If you had to introduce yourself in three sentences to some SoulCalibur player who didn’t know you, what would you say?

I’m a tournament organizer in the SC Calibur community. I created Boominati Battles, hosted the stream for the NA East division of SoulCalibur Without Borders, help TO and stream for the Maryland local Xanadu Games, and I currently run a tournament series called Madhouse Rumble. I also like to mash.

What is the origin or meaning of your nickname?

I was a big Rooster Teeth/Red vs Blue fan. My favorite character from RvB was named Caboose and for my first tags online I went with that. Eventually, I wanted something that stood out more then Caboose. At the time I was also getting into writing as well and back then I would name my characters by picking an attribute of the character and putting it into Google Translate, cycling the different language until something that could sound like a name popped up. I did the same with Caboose, I forget the language it was from but eventually I found Cambosa.

How did it happen that you ended up playing fighting games?

Going back to being a Rooster Teeth fan, I was VERY obsessed with RWBY, like a die-hard fan back in the day. So when Blazblue Cross Tag Battle was announced and RWBY characters were gonna be in it I thought “Damn, guess I gotta learn fighting games.” So I tried out some other fighting games and eventually settled on SFV around late 2017, cause I liked the slower pace and easier execution as a newer player. While I was enjoying SFV what really got me into fighting games and the FGC as a whole was my first time at a local which is a story on its own.

Back when I was working at GameStop, a customer came in looking for a copy of Guilty Gear Rev 2. This was a few months into playing fighting games and the first time a customer came in asking about one, so I got excited and we started chatting it up. He then suggested I look into Team Coin Up, a local a couple of towns away from mine. I told him how I did a few months back but it didn’t look active, and he explained that they just started back up right around the time that would’ve maybe been a week after I looked into them. After that talk I would go to my first local on January 1st 2018, meeting my first friends in the FGC.

The funny part of it all is that that was this was that when BB Tag came out, I didn’t like the super fast pace of it at the time and ended up only playing it for like 2 days. And the guy I that recommended I go to Coin Up? I never saw him after that time we talked at GameStop, although I did hear he’s been doing good though which is nice. It’s funny to me how a game I barely played and a person I talked to once ended up having such a huge impact on me and probably changed the course of my life.

Who do you main in SC6 and why?

The first characters I played I picked for kinda dumb reasons. I picked Mi-Na for like the first month, cause while messing around with the roster in the first weeks I got my first-ever tournament in any fighting game while using her so I was like “Oh I can win with her.” But eventually, I messed around with Xianghua and I ended up using her against Boom the first time I played him at Xanadu. This was right after Boom had won Xanadu’s regional so when I got a round off of him (just a round not a game) with my X, I thought “Damn, I must be doing something right with her.” I then proceed to be absolute garbage with the character for the rest of Season 1.

Then the bae came out. Funny enough I would constantly make jokes about Cassandra never being added to SCVI cause he was a big Cass fan… Only for her to become my favorite character in the game. When she came out something clicked with her more than any other character I had tried before. She has a cool moveset, her playstyle feels flexible letting me play at whatever pace I want, and I really liked her SCVI story. Her release was also around the time SC actually started to make sense too me and would say that while I was playing Calibur for that first year, I wasn’t really learning Calibur until she came out.

Lately, though, I’ve been wanting to learn a new character, and after Steller recommended a character with good string mix-ups (since I like that with Cass’ 6A, 3A and 6B strings) and asking Boom for a good midrange character I started playing Hwang, so I’ve been maining him since right after EVO. I don’t know if I’m gonna go full time Hwang main, go back to Cass, or just main both (probably the last one), but until NEC I’m making Hwang my focus.

What do you consider to be your greatest SC6 achievement and why?

As a TO: Boominati Battles. I do have some big regrets with BB, mainly with the name I choose since it made people think it was Boom’s tournament, giving me a severe case of imposter syndrome, and the way I ended up stopping the tournament on an unceremonious way of a random Twitter post cause I let my depression get the better of me. Despite that though, me, Kix, and everyone else involved created something special. Boominati Battles helped me get invited to work with the SCWB team (a highlight of my time in the community), helped me meet so many people in the community, and too see BB being featured at Combo Breaker Look Alive, even if I wasn’t involved with BB at that point, was something special since CB was my first ever major. Sure, I have regrets with BB, but I’m still extremely proud of the work me and the team put in, and hope that my new tournament series, Madhouse Rumble, will be something I can look back to with as much pride (like that shameless plug?)

Madhouse Rumble VoDs playlist

As a player: Landing the cursed shield throw tech. I tried landing this in a match for like over a year since I randomly saw it on Twitter (forget by who). So for the first time I actually land it to not only be caught on stream, with my Boominati League team was getting hyped in the Discord VC, but also it ended up leading into me getting a win against a a badass player like Airworthy? That was a special moment for me.

If you will be able to add one more character to SC6 – either existing SC character, or a guest one – who will you pick and why?

Existing SC: Lizard Man/Aeon (Gator gang babyyyyyyy)

Guest: Give me a damn DMC character! Come on Bandai, I know you’re cool with Capcom, give us Dante or Nero, damn it!

If SC7 will be released, what do you wish to be changed and/or kept from the current game?

I would want reversal edge gone. RE is in a way better spot than it was in Season 1, but it’s still not that fun of a mechanic to me. I also hope brave edges are a more universal mechanical in SCVII, I know people didn’t like it in SCV, but I think if they found a way to have Soul Charges, Supers, and Brave Edges all in SCVII and balanced properly, it could make the meter part of Soul Calibur’s gameplay way more interesting then it is now with SCVI.

Please answer a single question that you were not asked but you would like to answer!

Question: What’s one type of character you want to see in Soul Calibur at some point?
Answer: Give me a Viking, maybe make them Thor themed and they have a single-handed mace they fight with.

BONUS: You can hang out with one SoulCalibur character of your choice. Who it will be and where will you two go?

Maxi, Zasalemel, or Hwang. Maxi and Hwang could be fun to get drunk with Maxi being the party drunk, Hwang you could have a good talk about life and stuff. Zasalemel would be cool to talk to just cause of all the past lives he’s lived, he would have some interesting stories to tell.

Thank you for the interview!