VSFighting is one of the largest European FG events and it traditionally hosts an SC6 event. This year wasn’t an exception and was a blast and here are the Top3 players – MercyMainBTW, Ssylus, and Neon – interviewed!

Can you briefly introduce yourself as SoulCalibur competitor?

MercyMainBTW: Hello! I’m MercyMainBTW (or Mercy for short). I’m a competitive European player that specializes in Hilde, my favorite character! I have played the game since day one and SCVI is actually my first fighting game ever played competitively!
I used to play Overwatch competitively under another alias, but those days are long gone (and I’m glad they are).

Ssylus: Hey my name is SsyluS/Ssy- From Scotland. Flithy Raph main, might know me from twitter with all the Raph madness I pull off.
Although it has been a bit since I posted anything there 🙂 I’ve been competeing in SC since 2012 started with SCV.

Neon: Hey, I’m Neon and I’m a Talim player from the UK.

VSFighting is quite a large European tournament. How did you enjoy this years’ instalment overall and SC6 event in particular?

MercyMainBTW: I loved it! Everyone was incredibly nice and they made sure that I felt welcome in the best way possible. It was amazing to see players I never saw before in real life and make new acquaintances as well! I only returned a few days ago but I already can’t wait to see everyone again!

Ssylus: VSFighting was awesome I really enjoyed myself got to see some good friends again and meet a lot of new faces which is great to see since the SC community is so small! Was the highlight of my year attending ^^

Neon: This years VSF was the largest tournament of the year so far for Soulcalibur, and the biggest FGC event I’ve been to in the UK. I had a fantastic weekend, and I’m so grateful to Justin and the rest of the team for showing so much love to the Soulcalibur community by letting us run this event.

How do you feel about your performance?

MercyMainBTW: I’m incredibly happy, of course! Truth be told my heart was filled with doubts at first; for those who are not aware I am quite anxious and suffer from stage fright so initially my primary objective was to at least reach the top 8 and get some decent matches to show that I am a capable player; I would never forgive myself if I got kicked out without putting up a half decent fight first.
Surprisingly, it turns out I did manage to win the entire tournament by not giving up! To this day, it’s still hard for me to believe I managed to pull it off.

Ssylus: I got knocked into losers bracket in my pools unfortunately and had to slowly make my way through losers. Couldn’t be happier with how I played ^^

Neon: Surprised? It’s no secret that I’ve fallen off in the last few years, mainly due to barely playing these days, and its been a long time since I’ve had a podium finish at a large event. Going into the tournament I’d decided to just stick with Talim the entire time instead of switching around like I’d usually do, and I’m really glad it paid off. I would have loved to show more of a challenge to Ssylus and Mercy but they both feel on a different level at the moment.

What was your personal most memorable play, or game moment, of the tournament?

MercyMainBTW: It’s hard to say since I played so many matches during that day; there were a lot of incredible and exciting games, and yet, I don’t think I have a choice here but to pick the moment I won the grand finals; the joy I felt was immense and there’s nothing that can match that feeling.

Ssylus: Had to be my comeback from 0-2 down vs Aarpia he was playing out of his mind but I managed to adapt and comeback to win 3-2. Aapria was playing amazing I really didn’t think I would pull it off… But I managed! Get fucked Aapria xD Double RE!

Neon: It felt very good to land one of Talim’s unblockable setups against Branstar. I actually thought my SC would have ran out by then so I was hoping to end in WNC AB, but when the 3rd hit of the string came out I completely panicked and forgot the follow up, so decided to try the unblockable.

SC6 is quite an old(ish) game now, but was there anything in the tournament, any strategy or play, that took you by surprise, even after all this time?

MercyMainBTW: Indeed, there was especially one moment when I was playing against Andyroo; he did something I never saw before or thought was possible when he made me bounce from the ground and sent me out off the stage during our pool matches.
Other than that, I played this game for over 5000 hours, everything else was more or less the usual stuff you would expect from the best players; nonetheless, they are always a treat to watch!

Ssylus: I was very surprised and happy with Branstar he managed to make it into top 8. He was playing out of his mind, was well deserved and amazing to watch!

Neon: Nothing gameplay wise really suprised me, but what did was seeing so many new/returning faces in the tournament. It makes me to happy to see that after all this time we still have a community that is growing.

Will you share any “backstage” story related SC people or the community on VSF11?

MercyMainBTW: Good question! There are so many positive things I would like to talk about but it would end up being too long and boring.
Therefore, I’m just going to say something that happened to me:
To the long-haired guy that entered the bathroom while I was already in there; next time I would suggest that you take a moment to think before you act. The door you were trying to force open was clearly resisting, you could have checked if it was occupied by knocking first, using your voice to ask or check if the lock was red. By doing this, you would have avoided the embarrassment of yours truly glaring at you from the toilet seat when you finally barged in.

Ssylus: I can’t think of how to answer the last question 🙁

Neon: Aarpia was something like 6 beers deep by the time he played in top 8, and I’ve never seen him play better. Between him and Nashley (who also played out of his mind) I think we need to seriously consider the benefits of beer during tournaments lol

BONUS: Who sports the best haircut in European SC community?

MercyMainBTW: Tao, Peggy and Afflatus Misery got dem sweet wavy locks I want to steal all for myself~ :3

Ssylus: yeah I don’t really know who had the best hair lol I didn’t pay attention to that lol

Neon: It used to be Myloes of course, but alas… brown hair. In his place I think the trophy has to go to Nashley this time around.

Thank you for the interview!