Long range with lots of strings, damage, and combos. Gameplan centered around stance usage with high commitment on unsafe attacks and limited pokes.

Everyone’s favorite sad big booty android plays surprisingly close to her original NieR: Automata attack style, committing to risky but damaging strings and combos. Her movelist heavily relies on her Aggression Shift (AGS) and Aerial Leap stances and her diverse weapon set enables her to attack at a variety of ranges, including some of the longest pokes and combo starters in the game. While she has a very broad movelist she lacks effective pokes to play a safe footsies/neutral game with, and also has very few break attacks. Instead she must commit to start her offense, typically with attacks that are unsafe, and she must use her attacks’ built-in movement and timing to beat defensive options like RE or GI, rather than breaking them outright with break attacks. To properly punish her, opponents must know which AGS transitions and options can be punished and also know what attacks can reach her aerial state.


  1. high damaging combos, especially in Soul Charge
  2. very long range
  3. forces mixups with stances and strings


  1. weak pokes (AA, BB, etc)
  2. weak break attacks
  3. lots of unsafe on block attacks

Unique mechanic:
Certain attacks will generate one to four “Analysis Points” on hit. When 2B builds 9 Analysis Points she gains access to unique lethal hits. AP carry over between rounds and an audio cue from Pod and a white flash will signify the loaded AP. It’s likely 2B will only gain access to one 9 AP LH late in a game, if at all.

Original text courtesy of: uwucos