Huge damage and snowball potential if she can build roses into her special powered up states. Great lows and aGI stances/mix-ups but limited range and damage especially without roses.

While not quite the three move poke monster she was back in SCIV, Amy returns with an expanded vocabulary and deep movelist that features unique resource building mechanics, high, mid, and low parry stances that allow her to stifle the opponent with proper reads, and a crouch dash stance for added pressure. In Red Rose Perception she gains access to a lot of damaging pokes and punishers, while in White Rose Perception she gains expanded utility on her parry stance lethal hits and a few key moves (notably 214B, an i14 combo starter/punisher). Combined in Purple Rose Perception she is extremely difficult to fight, including the best CE in the game (i12, high damage, and recovers meter on hit). However early game she can have a tough time getting in to land roses, especially against stepping characters. She has amazingly good low pokes and launchers but is limited when it comes to approaching attacks.


  1. fast attacks including i10 punisher and i12 CE
  2. fast, unseeable lows
  3. huge snowball and lethal hit potential


  1. weak offensive options and damage without roses
  2. limited range
  3. limited horizontal and approaching moves

Unique mechanic:
Upon landing 4 red roses Amy enters Red Rose Perception for improved attacks and a powered up i16 CE.
Upon landing 4 white roses she entered White Rose Perception for new attacks, more parry stance and RE lethal hits, and a powered up i12 CE.
With both colors active she enters Purple Rose Perception which features the benefits of both plus a special purple i12 CE.