Big damage and range supplemented by Night Terror Charge for access to powerful Soul Charge attacks. Lacks fast attacks and punishment, including no standing i12 punisher.

A big baddie with a big mutated arm and a big sword, what’s not to like? As expected from his giant weapon and stature, Nightmare has threatening damage with dominant mid-range attacks and added pressure from his stance mix-ups. Use of his unique Night Terror Charge, which gives him access to Soul Charge moves without meter, allows him to really keep the enemy on the back foot. He also has armored attacks and his aGI bubble to keep his turn. When not initiating offense and catching the enemy with aGIs he suffers from both a lack of fast attacks and in particular some of the worst punishment in the game, including no standing i12 punisher (which makes a huge amount of otherwise unsafe attacks safe against him).


  1. great damage on pokes and combos
  2. strong guard gauge pressure
  3. long attack range


  1. no standing i12 attack
  2. limited fast attacks to deal with pressure
  3. weak step 

Unique mechanic:
After activating armor in certain attacks Nightmare enters Night Terror Charge, granting him access to one Soul Charge attack. He will glow with a red aura in this state. The state will end after this attack but he can re-enter by landing certain attacks.

Original text courtesy of: uwucos