Luxium Channel – premium channel presenting daily updates of high-level player matches & tournament VODs (discontinued Jan 2021)

Horseface’s Zoetrope – newly established replacement for Luxium (submit videos over

Taokaka Meow – SoulCalibur content creator hailing from Norway with mix of VODs, guide and tech videos

Hayate EIN – French streamer and content creator with mix of high-quality guides, patch note vids and SoulCalibur Arena tournament VODs

Ameika – Youtube streamer from Japan who provides lots of FT10 sets between top Asian players as well as local tournament’s VODs

KayaneTV – prominent French multi-game streamer and player providing vast range of FG-related content (mostly in French)

Boomington – High profile player and important persona of East Coast / USA community

Mark Yoon – Channel focused mainly on SC lore and history; as well as creations, theories and news.

I’m sure I forget a lot of important names. I am putting this list together from atop my head so if you feel someone else should be here too, just let me know. I will appreciate it a lot!