Hilde isn’t exactly popular character and there aren’t many players maining her. But among those, few are particularly remarkable. One of them is MercyMainBTW from Italy, who’s fine-tuned style we saw on several tournaments and challenges including EOS or Ring Out Royal Rumble.

Nickname: MercyMainBTW
Twitter: @MercyMainBTW
Facebook: Private, I’d rather not tell
Instagram: Don’t have
Youtube: I don’t upload my matches (Laaazy)
Twitch: SC_MercyMainBTW(Community twitch)
Birth Year: 1998
Country: Italy

If you had to introduce yourself in three sentences to some SoulCalibur player who didn’t know you, what would you say?

Hello there! I’m MercyMainBTW or Mercy for short. I’m 22 years old and I’m a very passionate person about everything I enjoy doing the most! Generally speaking… I try to get along with everyone I meet, I attend a lot of different communities and I’ve met a lot of nice people overall! Hopefully, this won’t change no matter what the future has in store for me. Also, I preemptively apologize for any potential episode of awkwardness… I’m still working on it~

What is the origin or meaning of your nickname?

It’s quite the tale actually! For short: I used to be both a Mercy main and a Widowmaker main (note: in Overwatch), so each time someone would make fun of me and my support pick, I’d challenge them to a duel on Widow! As you can probably guess, no matter how decisive my victory was, people would still tell me: “You’re still a Mercy main”… I suppose the name just got stuck on me that much?

How did it happened you end up playing fighting games?

It just happened out of the blue! I started with Smash initially as a party game and then, by watching some videos here and there, I found out about Soul Calibur! It was love at first sight: A fighting game that used weapons instead of the usual punches and kicks? Immediately sold.

Who do you main in SC6 and why?

I’m currently maining Hilde! I just love how elegant and original her design is. I adore a lot of her characteristics from her aesthetic to her gameplay. Funnily enough… I hated the charge mechanic at the start, I really couldn’t pull it off!

What is your opinion regarding SC6?

I love it, it’s a beautiful game even with its flaws. Frankly, it does sadden me that it’s not as popular as any other fighting game such as “Tekken” or “Street Fighter”… hopefully, the game will shine once more like its ancestor Soul Calibur II!

If you could change one single thing about SC6 what would that be?

Just one thing? I was hoping to list lots of things but… I guess I’ll go with more frequent updates to keep the game going on. It deserves way more than most games I played.

What you consider to be your greatest SC6 achievement and why?

Believe it or not, my greatest achievement is meeting the community of Soul Calibur Italia. Looking back around the very first days of the game I was having it quite rough, I clearly remember being unhappy most days. I’m glad that I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, knowing that there is someone out there that does care for you makes all the difference in the world.

Please answer a single question that you were not asked but you would like to answer!

This really isn’t an answer to a question per se, but I’d like to say that no matter how dark some days might be always try your best to improve both as a player and a human being. Remember: No-one is perfect. But we can always strive to make it better not only for ourselves but also for the people that put faith in us every day.

Mercy’s poem dedicated to Taokaka’s Hilde