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Who had the best/worst glow up in SC6?

A forum isn't a forum without random survey questions, isn't it?

As per the title, whose appearance and costume design changed for the best from the older games? And for the worst? You can also mention more characters if you'd like!

To start off:

Best: Setsuka is my pick, they really outdone themselves with her design. Great drip overall! Also, Yoshimitsu is such a gigantic improvement making him an Oni instead of some... robotic ninja thing.

Siegfried, I am not satisfied with how bland his armor got reduced to, he used to have much better armor designs and to me, this just doesn't make the cut. I am also a bit disappointed in Ivy's design but that is mostly due to having to remind the SC1 original costume.

What is your pick? And why?

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In design terms:
To me, probably the best is Hwang. He is super cool now yet with respect to his old self.
Worst, again in my opinion, is Zasalamel. He used to feel super cool but now he seems like quite a generic fantasy rip-off. I mean, times have changed and the audience demands as well. His design didn't.

In gameplay terms:
The best is IMO Maxi. His stance game is super unique but in SC6, he feels really complete.
The worst is Setsuka. I mean, she's cool and everything, but her arhythmic combos struck my nerves every single time I'm playing against her. By her design, I believe she should flow like a water - but instead, she feels like a scattered gramophone.

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