Group B of WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1 for SoulCalibur 6 is done and gone. Who were the winners who made it to TOP 8? Which sick matches you should not miss? What interesting things happened? Let’s summarize!

Picture credit: WePlay Esports

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Picture credit: WePlay Esports

There is actually a mistake – Saiyne defeated Keev so hi score should be 2-5 while Keevs 3-4.



  1. Myloes’ fantastic run. There was some backlash on twitter in regards to if Myloes should or shouldn’t have been invited, but he pretty much shut every single hater up with his amazing performance, beating two EVO champions, and giving the UK hope. With his tech traps that stole rounds, and his momentum that killed some of the Calibur greats, Myloes’ run will be remembered for a long time.
  2. Asia’s dominating performance: As much as we talk about the rivalry between NA and EU, the top performers of the group were from Asia. Akeopo from Korea followed TheKura’s footsteps by making it into top 8, except Akeopo did it in a dominating fashion. He also did it with a plethora of characters (Tira, Nightmare, Ivy). Yuttoto from Japan seemed to return to form, as we saw the tried and true Voldo put in work through out the group stage.
  3. Setsuka’s offline debut: Setsuka has been regarded as either one of the worst characters in the game, or one of the best characters in the game. There really hasn’t been anything else between. We saw Woahhzz debut the character offline and to be honest, it felt like there were times where the character just looked like it wasn’t the right pick for the job. Despite this, he still ended up making it through pools while playing her for the majority of his matches. To be fair, this character is very new compared to all of the characters that the competitors played, so there are some situations that are not going to be encountered with the character yet, but his performance was an electrifying one nonetheless.


  1. Akepo’s gameplay just confirmed what we suspected already yesterday seeing Kura: Don’t let Koreans play neutral or they will kill you. They are so good at it. Almost flawless. But if you keep them under pressure, if you pressure them hard… then they tend to do mistakes and lose games.
  2. French Calibur was favorite, going into this tournament. Of course Skyll is still in and is still one of favorites for taking the whole WUFL S1, but he is the only one out of three (four, if you count Pantocrator too) French players who made it to TOP 8. This is not meant to bash their community or players, all their representatives presented great performances. It may be because of what one of my French friends told me: “Calibur here is a community thing. Without offline sessions, the drive to play and practice greatly diminished.”
  3. The game balance: I know many will disagree here, but let’s face the facts – this tournament made it super clear that the player behind the wheel is much more important then the ship when it comes to delivering. Of course some characters are stronger then others and everyone and their grandmather will tell you Nightmare is a top tier, but… We saw so many unique ways how players delt with unfavorable matchups it is clear, at least to me, that when it comes to characters, anyone can win.
  4. No 7-0 this time: Even with super strong performances players like Yutoto or Akepo presented, no one was able to clean sweep Group B. This make this Party Wolf’s achievement in Group A even more sensational.

Best Games

Woahhzz vs AkeoPo

This was awesome example of multiple things: We were able to see why Setsuka is such a great character that Koreans put her into S tier. And Akepo also showed us ho to counterplay her. Also, we were able to see how strong Koreans are if you let them play neutral game.

Bluegod vs Yutoto

This game showed insane level of adaptation, counter-adaptation, and those “I knew you know that I know that you know” moments it was absolutely unreal. Everything was down to the wire while both players was using their characters potential to the maximum. This was INSANE!

AkeoPo vs Yutoto

Very poky, neutral heavy match with soli fundamentals… Pure back and forth smallCalibur. It was also unique oportunity to see how top performance of Voldo looks like – and steal some strategies for Tira of how to get Coda quickly 😉

Saiyne vs Keev

I can’t miss the upset of the night of course! Both players were entering this match already out of TOP 8 qualification positions but both clearly aimed to make good impression in the last match of the day and Keev was the obvious favorite of the match. The fight was really close with a lot of back and forth moments but, well, things didn’t work his way this time!


Event playlist for you to check all the action you missed; or to remind yourself the hype moments you witnessed:

And full Day 2 replay: